One-on-one mindfulness sessions

Mindfulness invites us to stop, notice and be present with ourselves and our surroundings with non-judgmental and compassionate awareness. In this space of open attention, we are better able to let go of our automatic stress reactions and choose ways of relating to daily challenges in a more supportive way.

The individual mindfulness sessions consists of an eight week program. It is for individuals who feel they need and would benefit from individualized attention or might not feel comfortable in a group setting.

For a fee of €967 (including 21% VAT), you receive eight 1,5 hour sessions, a workbook and recorded meditations in either English or Dutch.  If you are not able to pay this fee due to financial circumstances, please send Kim an email explaining your circumstances and why you wish to take this training. I am always prepared to explore how to work out a win-win situation.

Consider asking your employer to cover the costs of this program as a personal effectiveness training. Also, your insurance might cover the costs if you are diagnosed with burn out. 

Like any other personal development course, the trajectory requires personal motivation as well as a substantial time commitment. In order for the program to have most effect, at least 30 minutes of daily practice is recommended.

The sessions are conducted in The Hague or via skype. Every individual trajectory starts with an orientation session with the trainer, Kim Brice. This meeting is intended to ensure there is a good match between the client’s needs, abilities and expectations and what the sessions can realistically offer you. It is also important that the client and trainer sense a click with each other

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