Mindfulness one-day silent retreats

Mindfulness invites us to stop, notice and be present with ourselves and our surroundings with non-judgmental and compassionate awareness. In this space of open attention, we are better able to let go of our automatic stress reactions and choose ways of relating to daily challenges in a more supportive way.

The retreats are made to be affordable and accessible. They take place place in inspiring locations in the heart of The Hague or elsewhere in The Netherlands. 

Expect a day of silence during which you will be lead through a variety of mindfulness practices such as guided lying, sitting, and moving meditations. There are short teachings and breaks in between the meditations as well as a lunch break in order to give participants ample time for contemplation and even a walk outside.   

Join a retreat with the intention to experience the adventure of being with yourself exactly the way you are, leaving all expectations of what should or has to be at the door.

Individuals with or without meditation experience are welcome.

Location:  Womanhood Studio, Schoolstraat 28, 2611 HS Delft.

Date and Time:  November 24 2019 from 11h00 to 18h00.

Cost: To be announced.

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