The Mindfulness Stress Reduction Training

You can’t stop the waves but you can learn to surf!

Mindfulness-based stress reduction Level 1 training


Challenges and pain (physical or emotional) are a given in life. Suffering (as a result of them) is optional. Mindfulness teaches us how to surf the challenging waves of life without necessarily having to suffer through them. 

This mindfulness –based stress reduction level 1 intensive offered at the centrally-located Womanhood Studio in Delft provides you with the fundamentals of mindfulness and stress reduction. It is an adaptation of the widely researched and successful 8 week mindfulness-base stress reduction program developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn in order to make it more accessible to individuals with busy lives. To get the full benefits of mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques however, it is highly recommended that you participate in the silent retreat that will also be offered at Womanhood Studio on Sunday November 24th and the Level 2 training that will be offered in 2020.

What can I expect?

The training is made up of three training blocks. The first two take place on two consecutive weekends: on a Friday evening and the following Saturday afternoon. The third block is two weeks later, on a Saturday afternoon. Each session lasts two and a half hours. The training will be in English. If all participants understand and speak Dutch, group discussion will be adapted to language preferences.

BLOCK 1 – Friday October 4 (19:30-21:30) and Saturday October 5 (10:45-13:30)

Theme: Shifting from living in automatic pilot (doing mode) to living with awareness (being mode)

Learn how to expand your span of awareness (physical, mental and emotional) and learn how to stay more present and grounded with discomfort tat comes up with challenging situations. Practice lying and sitting meditations.

BLOCK 2 – Friday October 11 (19:30-21:30) and Saturday October 12 (10:45-13:30)

Theme: How to respond versus react to stress

Learn about the physiology of stress and enhance your awareness about how your body mind reacts to stress. You will learn practices that enable you to consciously relate to physical, mental or emotional stress in a more supportive way. Develop a self-care plan to practice at home during the next two weeks.  Practice sitting and moving meditations.

BLOCK 3  – Saturday November 2 (10:45-13:30)

Theme: Taking care of myself

Review sitting meditations, harvest your insights from the course, and revise your “self-care” plan. During the break between Block 2 and the last session, participants will have an opportunity to experiment with integrating the practices they learn into their daily lives.

Investment and return

Early Bird price when you sign up on or before September 27, pay €250 including taxes.

Normal price: After September 27, pay €295 including taxes.

Womanhood Studio Unlimited Card Holders receive a free one hour online coaching session with the trainer during or following the course.

All participants must sign-up on or before September 30th. The course will go forward with at least 5 participants and can accommodate 12 participants.

The recommended time investment in between training days is 30 minutes per day in order to get the most results.  In return for your financial and time investments, you will receive:

  • 13 hours of instruction
  • A workbook with detailed information about each theme
  • Detailed instruction for home practice
  • Recorded meditations in Dutch or English
  • Additional resources: recommended articles, meditation apps, and books.

To sign-up

If you are interested in the course and want Kim to let you know when the next training will take place, please send her an email by clicking on the sign up link below. Feel free to also sign-up through the Womanhood Studio website. Participation in the training will be confirmed once you have filled in a questionnaire and for some participants a short virtual or face-to-face introductory meeting. This meeting is intended to ensure there is a good match between the participants’ needs, abilities and expectations and what the training can realistically offer you.

Have a question? Send Kim an email.